has changed providers!

What does this mean to visitors?  Not much.

I’ve moved the site to a WordPress based service for two reasons.

  1. My work uses WordPress for it’s websites and it just makes things easier if I’m working in the same environment whether it’s a personal site or for my work.  If you want to check out the work site visit
  2. I also found that because I found myself frustrated with the limits of SquareSpace I just lost interest in maintaining the site.
  3. I thought you said two?  Okay just thought of one more: Cost.  SquareSpace was a good service if you’re not getting involved with coding and personalizing your plugins, but after working with WordPress sites I decided I wanted to leverage some of the capabilities of WordPress to bring my site cost down.

With the expanded functions I’m going to be bringing in some changes. I don’t have a solid timeline because of working for a living and getting time to do pictures.  Here’s some expansions to look forward to:

  1. Photo Sales: probably shouldn’t have lead with this one as I will probably put this one in last.  You can contact me to purchase pictures, but I’d like to create a store for people to purchase the photos but it involves some logistics.  I’d like to offer single use licensing, perpetual licensing, and the ability to order prints.  The big one will be prints because I hate shipping prints to myself for quality assurance and then shipping to the customer.  I’m looking at options to ship directly but maintain the quality expectation.
  2. Weekly blogs: These will start right… now.  This is a blog post, and I’ll do one a week to post some pictures and talk about things photo related.
  3. More interraction and creative ways to present photos.  There are some photos I’ve never posted on my site because there just wasn’t a tool to post it properly but with WordPress I can experiment with plugins that give expanded capabilities.  An example would be the giant photostitches that are combined for 100+ MegaPixel photos that really require zooming and panning appreciate.

Still, if you want portraits done or are looking at some specific pictures please feel free to contact me with the contact info below.