Patience, young grasshopper

Opportunity arises I was out taking some photos of a derelict boat on the slough by Selkirk Park. The setup involved a tripod and zoom lens for some long exposure work. While the long exposure was going I turned around and noticed a grasshopper sitting on top of a flower (or weed, I’m not expert on these).  “If he’s still there when I finish this shot I’ll be getting the macro lens and the flash”. Grasshopper teaches patience After the tripod shot was done it was still sitting there on the flower, so I went to the car to pull out the macro lens and flash. While shooting the grasshopper was very calm and easy-going. It let me play around with angles […]

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Work in Progress

Work in Progress on a few things.  Websites and Photos. Website Work-in-Progess Since moving the site over to WordPress it’s been a work a progress. I guess it will be for a while as I don’t always like everything. I’m pretty happy with the speed of the site, but the presentation of it I’d like to get really tight before adding features to it. I’m not designing it by committee, it’s being designed on the go. Don’t be surprised to see things moved around. If it’s late at night don’t be surprised if something looks a little off while I’m fixing. Photo Work-in-Progress Film I can’t wait to get my first couple rolls of film from the Yashica Type A

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Assiniboine Park & Zoo Photowalk

On Sunday July 30th I was lucky to attend a photo-walk organized by Don’s Photo at the Assiniboine Park Zoo.  Don’s Photo did provide Canon Lenses to test borrow for the afternoon, all you had to do was sign it out with some type of photo ID. I took the opportunity to try out the 100mm – 400mm L Glass.  The intention was to test it out with my Canon EOS to Sony E-mount adapter, and well I wasn’t happy with the Auto-Focus shots so all the pic’s you can see here are manual focus as the auto-focus pics were all a little out of focus.  These images are the final edits, the originals had flatter colours but not in

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ChrisMcIvor.com has changed providers!

What does this mean to visitors?  Not much. I’ve moved the site to a WordPress based service for two reasons. My work uses WordPress for it’s websites and it just makes things easier if I’m working in the same environment whether it’s a personal site or for my work.  If you want to check out the work site visit http://myselkirk.ca I also found that because I found myself frustrated with the limits of SquareSpace I just lost interest in maintaining the site. I thought you said two?  Okay just thought of one more: Cost.  SquareSpace was a good service if you’re not getting involved with coding and personalizing your plugins, but after working with WordPress sites I decided I wanted

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